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Spider’s Explorer has ceased operations as of October 15, 2023.  For nearly 20 years Capt. Spider has had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful tour clients.  Many clients have become special friends, I am so Blessed. 

It was 2003 that Capt. George Taylor and Chet Williams pushed and prompted Spider to get a USCG Captain license and start a tour business.  Although they are now no longer with us it is such an honor to have associated, worked with and wonderful friendship with them, they will always be in my Heart.

I would like to thank all the various boat Captains out there.  Many have been just wonderful working with over the years.  A true bunch of Professionals.

Chincoteague Island and surrounding areas are just loaded with such beauty, wildlife, historic interest and so many stories to be told.  Today, I encourage you to remember Spider’s Explorer and call upon a trusted Captain and friend who will rehab Spider’s Explorer and continue the wonderful service Captain Spider started.  Please by all means contact Capt. Jon Smith 757-894-5179 of J S Expedition and tell him you expect the same service that Capt. Spider provided.

Capt. Jon Smith ran a few times on Spider’s Explorer as a fill in for Capt. Spider.  Capt. Smith is local to the area, wildlife hunter, waterman and very familiar with the backwaters area the area.  If ponies are to be seen Capt. Smith will find them.

For now, thank you, I am not going away.  I plan to be on the water somewhere somehow in my skiff or Trophy fishing or just floundering around.  I still have marriages to do as a Commonwealth of Virginia marriage officiant and manage slips at Marina Bay’s Island Marina and Anchor Inn as well as mow a few lawns.

Please feel free to call me and reminisce 757-990-4242.

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